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Author Topic: Monster fish caught through the ice in northwest PA  (Read 2387 times)

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Monster fish caught through the ice in northwest PA
« on: March 10, 2015, 10:23:54 PM »
Monster fish caught through the ice in northwest PA
By P.J. REILLY | Staff Writer
A giant musky was caught by two Pittsburgh men fishing through the ice in northwest Pennsylvania earlier this month.
Nicholas Colangelo and Luke Wholey spent about 18 hours fishing through the ice on Pymatuning Reservoir in Crawford County, when Colangelo hauled in a 53-inch musky, according to various media reports.
Colangelo had the fish on the line for 30 minutes before he managed to lift it through a 10-inch hole in the ice.
A fish that size is likely over 30 years old, and so, after snapping a few photos, Colangelo and Wholey slid the leviathan back through the ice, and set it free.

A quick look at Colangelo's Facebook page shows the catch was no fluke.
He and Wholey are dedicated musky anglers, as evidenced by the photos of big fish on Colangelo's page.
That's what it takes to catch these peculiarly crafty predators, according to Steve Mellinger of Mount Joy.
Mellinger fishes year-round on the Susquehanna River, exclusively for muskies, and has pulled some impressive beasts out of the flow in Lancaster County, including one that was 46 inches long and weighed 35 pounds.
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